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At Nottingham University, I rediscovered The Nap. Late nights… essays on ageing in yeast to be avoided (thank you degree in Human Genetics – you’ve been so good to me)… it was inevitable, really.

And then I had these weird dreams. Dreams in which I got out of bed, while fully aware that I was still, in fact, in bed. I started to challenge myself: how far across campus could I get before I woke up? After a succession of these dreams, I realised what was happening: I was lucid dreaming.

Half a life later, I’m writing a speculative trilogy on what might happen were lucid dreams to take us a little farther than the other end of the university campus. What if, through lucid dreams, our consciousness was able to find a way out?

After six years of teaching in London and five in Singapore, I’m based in Bristol. I like to spend my days working on the trilogy, my evenings meeting weird and wonderful characters through improv acting, and my nights taking a deep dive into my own lucid dreams.

If you want to follow me through this journey, join the Chaos Readers Club below, where I’ll update you on the first Friday of every month with how the trilogy is progressing and pushing lucid dreaming to its boundaries.

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